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Interested in joining the ALC family?

All people are welcome to join the faith community of Atonement Lutheran Church and to share in our mission and ministry. If you are feeling a tug in your heart to find a community of faith in the Jamestown area, Atonement Lutheran Church can provide you with a family that is gathered by God to worship, learn, love, and serve together.

We Welcome You...
  • Baptism. God, who is rich in mercy and love, gives us a new birth into a living hope through the sacrament of baptism. By water and the Word, God delivers us from sin and death, and raises us to new life in Jesus Christ.

  • Affirmation of Faith. If you come to Atonement from a Christian tradition other than the ELCA, then you will go through our New Member course and then affirm the Christian faith. You will not be re-baptized, since we recognize your previous baptism as fully valid; baptism is dependent entirely on God's action and promises, not your own.

  • Transfer. If you are coming from another ELCA congregation, this is called a transfer. The process looks the same, however, as the Affirmation of Faith: a New Membership course is held, and an affirmation of faith is made.

Becoming a Member

Whichever of the three ways you will be joining Atonement Lutheran Church, we celebrate with you.

Please call the church office to discuss becoming a member of Atonement Lutheran Church.

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