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Faith Formation

the place to


Designed for each generation from children, youth, young and mature adults to seniors. 

Atonement seeks to address the varied needs of our diverse congregation.

Faith Formation Ministries recognizes that the seed of faith starts at birth and it is our purpose to grow and nurture that faith by building relationships with our young people, by supporting young people's relationship with God,

by living one's faith through mission and service,

and by experiencing faith as a vibrant and compassionate way to live life connected to God and others.



Ministry is what Christian believers do on a daily basis to bless others…


Christian behavior that seeks to serve those who are in need, bewildered, imprisoned, health-challenged, poor, depressed, and those who simply need to know that Jesus is “a way maker” and a “balm in Gilead…”


The service one renders without expectation of receiving anything in return.

It is not fundraising…


A deliberate act to exemplify the attributes, teachings and practices of Jesus.

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